(Formerly known as Poddar Infrastructure Limited)

Customer service & satisfaction have always been a prime concern and assure you of our continued efforts to ensure the same. When no body treaded in the High-rise sector, the group was to lead the trend. This group has many credits to their account to quote a few, Megh Mayur Plaza, Tribhuvan Complex, etc.




The pioneering spirit, very high degree of quality consciousness, master craftsmanship in all product lines, instantaneous service support and immaculate striving to achieve best quality standards are the driving force behind the remarkable growth and progress of the organization.




Category of Work

   ✒   Commercial Projects

   ✒   Residential Projects

   ✒   Row Houses

   ✒   Bungalows

   ✒   Corporate Townships

   ✒   Condos

We focus on precise project planning in combination with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee high productivity, in-time delivery, and an unrivalled value for money.



The following areas are our strong footholds in handling large projects:

   ✒   Functional and Space Planning

   ✒   Furnishings, Fixtures, Equipment planning & designing

   ✒   Artwork Consultation

   ✒   Custom Furniture

   ✒   Lighting Design

   ✒   Maintenance Evaluations

   ✒   Liaisons with consultant/Architect for obtaining approval of the suggested hardware by providing all

        technical details, comparative statements with other manufacturers.


We understand the process

We have worked successfully serving multiple clients including owners, user groups, project and construction managers. Our projects often involve clients with set budgets and tight time schedules.


We develop a clear understanding of the client's objectives in terms of budget and schedule at the initiation of the project. We are constantly aware of the complex phasing of a project and realize the potential impacts on construction costs.


Our projects have always included successful cost-effective design. We remain sensitive to the current costs and techniques of construction, having roughly a half million square feet of construction ongoing at any one time.


A key to any project involves establishing and maintaining time frames for completion of tasks. All phases of a project require interface with a schedule, from programming through construction. With our clients, we establish the tasks within the project schedule then define decision points, milestones, and progress meetings, which address time and required efforts. We have successfully satisfied the requirements of these clients by solving problems that are within the owner's budget and schedule.




How we work

The firm staffs licensed professionals who are structured into project teams that deliver programming and design services. A principal and a project director are involved with the project from its inception through client acceptance. Additional team members, such as planners, designers, production staff, specification writers, and construction experts, are assigned as the program develops. Our large staff allows us the flexibility to focus manpower at the critical scheduling milestones of a project. We also have the full, in-house support functions of project management, word processing, and CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) experts.





Turnkey Contracts

A turnkey, project management approach provides clients with a highly personalized service, from concept to completion, ensuring a high level of quality, craftsmanship and innovative styling.


From the very first sketch to the completion of contract, your project is in good hands. Being the main entity, the firm is the main coordination centre responsible for the project team consisting of customer/architect/interior designer. During this process, the firm on-site uses its very reliable network of designers, specialists, suppliers, and employees.



Customer Relation(CRM)

The firm's reputation as a talented professional design firm is service. Our reputation and success is based on our ability to perform, meeting the needs of the client in terms of timeline and budget. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to the client's wishes and communicate with them on every step of the design process. We develop the client's vision into a creative and pleasing design that compliments the building's surrounding environment.



More than eighty percent of our projects result from continuing relationships with existing clients. Their recommendations are the highest compliment any firm can receive, indicating their satisfaction with the quality of the services that we provid